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At Business & Domestic Insurance Service we are constantly looking for quality partners to help us distribute our products. If you are an auto dealer, manufacturer, retailer, intermediary, financial institution, mortgage lender/servicer or credit card issuer then we are interested in hearing from you.

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NEW ROLE - added 15/03/2013

Divisional Business and Client Manager

Reports to the Managing Director
Business & Domestic Insurance Services, part of the Motorway Direct plc Group of Companies are recruiting for the role of Divisional Business and Client Managers. The role is UK based and provides the successful candidate with Attractive Salary, Incentive and Benefits Package.

The Role:

  • To fulfil the role of Manager for Business & Domestic Insurance Services
  • Region: United Kingdom, Ireland and Netherlands
  • To the identification of relevant marketing opportunities that support the formulation and communication of the corporate strategy
  • To identification and acquisition of new clients for the compliant sale and distribution of Business & Domestic products
  • To oversee the compliance maintenance and commercial development of in-force business relationships
  • To meet operational, legal and regulatory requirements

Required Experience

  • Previous experience at senior management level within a large corporate environment,
  • Board level in Financial or Professional Services organisation
  • Investigation and analysis of insurance markets
  • Design and development of appropriate insurance products
  • Responsibility for compliant marketing and sales of regulated products

Required Knowledge

  • Sales and marketing practice and strategy
  • UK and European banking, retail and consumer markets
  • Creditor, warranty and additional insurance experience

Required Skills

  • High standard of verbal and written communication at all levels including presentations
  • Proven sales leadership ability
  • Coaching and mentoring skills
  • Analytical – financial and non-financial, skills
  • Strategic Management, Planning and Implementation skills
  • Interpersonal, Decision making and Negotiation skills
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite

ROLE PROFILE: Divisional Business and Client Manager

Please contact us with your CV in Confidence:

Christopher D. U’Dell
Managing Director
Business & Domestic Insurance Services
Venture House
Arlington Square
Downshire Way
Bracknell, Berkshire
                                                                                                                                                                                       RG12 1WA


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